Joseph Henry - "Who's The King (You Know That's Me)/I Feel Right"
$ 5.99 Album
$ 1.98 Album
Who's The King (You Know That's Me)
I Feel Right

Joseph Henry - "Who's The King (You Know That's Me)/I Feel Right"

When Joseph Henry passed away, we lost a great friend and a great entertainer. With this re-release of his legendary Desco 45', the profits of which will be donated entirely to the American Cancer Society, we hope to pay tribute to a man that has given countless hours of dance floor happiness to the world. The original release of "Who's The King?" gave the Daptone family our first real taste of acceptance and respect from the international funk scene. Support and enthusiasm by DJ Keb Darge and others quickly made it a deep funk classic and opened a lot of doors and minds to our records. Now, after 8 years of being out of print and demanding hefty eBay prices, we are giving the world and Joseph Henry another chance to get together and do their favorite thing: Get down.

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