Ural Thomas - "Push 'em Up" / "Deep Within My Heart" (Mississippi/Change Records)

  • Ural Thomas - "Push 'em Up" / "Deep Within My Heart" (Mississippi/Change Records)

$ 6.99

Two great soul songs by local legend Ural Thomas recorded in 1960. 'Push em, Up' is an upbeat soul stomper for the dance floor. 'Deep Within' My Heart' is a pretty ballad with tight harmonies & lots of groove. Ural is an under appreciated musician who toured opening for Otis Redding back in the day, had James Brown plagiarize his style, played in countless bands in Portland & Seattle, built a house out of debris salvaged from the Willamette river, mentored countless kids in the neighborhood, & probably wrestled an alligator or two. Proof that unsung heroes live right in our backyard.

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