The Sugarman 3 - Soul Donkey
$ 12.99 Album
$ 14.99 Album
$ 10.00 Album
$ 10.00 Album
$ 10.00 Album
Soul Donkey
Chicken Half
Baby I Love You
Turtle Walk
Daisy Rides Again
Double Back
Pull My Cart
Mulin' Around
Saddle For Two
Out A Sight
So Long Donkey

The Sugarman 3 - Soul Donkey

Originally released in 1999, on the Desco label, this is Sugarman 3 second soulful offering. This album illustrates the beginning of the group's movement towards a more traditional funk sound. Stripped down arrangements and a departure from solos, finds the Sugarman 3 focusing more on the strength of Scone's percolating bass lines and organ grooves.
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