Los Hacheros - Pilon
$ 15.00 Album
01 Azucar sample
02 Desastre sample
03 Chano sample
04 Papote's Guajira sample
05 Convergencia sample
06 Toma Tu Pilon sample
07 Tintorera sample
08 Mami Me Gusto sample
09 Cha-Cha Herzlia sample

Los Hacheros - Pilon

Since joining forces in 2011, Los Hacheros have been setting dance floors aflame with their astounding live shows. Now with the release of their debut album, Pilon, they are ready to introduce to the world their revelatory new sound. Recorded live onto a classic 388 Tascam tape machine, Pilon captures a gritty soulfulness that has been absent far too long from modern latin music.

Combining the raw emotion of Papote Jimenez's vocals,  Eddie Venegas and Itai Kriss' powerful mambos, and Jacob Plasse's psychedelic tres guitar, Los Hacheros have a created a sound that is both unique and timeless. On Pilon,one hears echoes of legends such as Ray Barretto, Fania, and Arsenio Rodriguez, but with an immediacy and power that is unmistakably New York now. 

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