Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming (The Instrumentals)
$ 14.99 Album
$ 10.00 Album
$ 10.00 Album
$ 10.00 Album
No Time For Dreaming (Instrumental)
Lovin' You, Baby (Instrumental)
Golden Rule (Instrumental)
In You (I Found A Love) (Instrumental)
How Long (Instrumental)
Eyes On The Prize
The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
I Believe In Your Love (Instrumental)
Heartaches and Pain (Instrumental)
Since Our Last Goodbye
Trouble in the Land
The Telephone Song (Instrumental)

Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming (The Instrumentals)

Charles Bradley “No Time for Dreaming” - The Instrumentals is HERE! Never before has the Daptone H.Q. experienced such a unanimous outcry for instrumental satisfaction. We’re talking interplanetary, people. I believe our first request came in just minutes after Charles Bradley’s international, smash-hit debut left the pressing plant. A truck leaving the plant was held up by a couple of rogue DJ’s (we assume) trying to lock down the freshest wax for a party they were throwing later that evening. Gunfire ensued, but the dastardly fiends escaped with one copy of “No Time for Dreaming”. This is purely speculation, but authorities believe one of the thugs must have been carrying a portable player, because just seconds after word of the great heist was leaked to the media, Daptone H.Q. received a mysterious message - the voice barely audible due to some sort of digital trickery - begging for Charles Bradley instrumentals. The calls haven’t stopped since.

Our solution: 12 DYNAMITE tracks of unstoppable instrumentality. These hypnotic hymns – played oh so skillfully by Brooklyn’s premier SUPER group, Menahan Street Band, promises to be the consummate summer soundtrack for all you hip cats and kittens.

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