Hank Soul Man Mullen - "He Upset Your Dreams/Listen"
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He Upset Your Dreams

Hank Soul Man Mullen - "He Upset Your Dreams/Listen"

The A side is an up-tempo groover concerning the saddest subject of all; not one, but two broken hearts. This effort from the Avengers on the Audel imprint out of Buffalo NY. The band formed in the mid-sixties and toured as a dynamic show with three very different vocalists: Hank Mullen, Moe Jones and Carlena Weaver; they released two singles in fall of 1970 on the homegrown/financed label. Through then manager/ all around music hustler/ Macon, Georgia native James Reese, the Avengers traveled to Capricorn Records Studio (Macon, GA) for a session in October of ’70. ‘Listen’ & ‘He Upset Your Dreams’ were penned by two staff writers: Earl Simms & Alan Osborne for then Walden Artists and Productions, under the publishing Redwal Music. (Redwal was formed in 1965 by Otis Redding, Phil & Alan Walden. Earl Simms was first Otis Redding’s, later Arthur Conley’s road manager and wrote Conley’s 1968 hit, ‘Funky Street’.) Sadly, soon after the records release, Hank Mullen, then in his mid twenties, died tragically due to a heart attack.

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